What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a tar/resin like substance which comes out of the ground in the Himalayas. It is actually produced from a particular strata (layer) in the Himalayas which in fact runs about 1000m all the way up into Russia. In Russia, they call Shilajit by a different name – “Mumijo”.

Shilajit is formed from an accumulation of plant and rock matter (believed to maybe even be from ancient swamps or rainforests). Over thousands of years, this matter has been crushed and ground down into a thick paste (called a mineral pitch), which then oozes out of the Himalayan mountains during the warmer summer months.

The reason shilajit is becoming more well known outside of these regions is because of it’s¬†absolutely¬†incredible nutritional qualities. It contains 85+ minerals in their ionic form, and very importantly also contains fulvic acid, almic acid and humic acid (along with further important phytonutrients).

Here are a couple of photos of the shilajit actually oozing out of the mountains (note, shilajit is sometimes written “shilajeet” as in the caption on the first image)

According to ayurveda, the worlds most ancient and powerful medical system shilajit has been indicated as the physical power increaser, anti-aging agent, blood sugar modulator i.e. effective in diabetes, libido increaser, early healing of wounds, brain to

Here is another image of the shilajit oozing out of Himalayan rocks:


And another shilajit picture:

Jatashankar Gufa, Pachmarhi

This photo shows someone who is climbing to collect shilajit as part of a project:

going for shilajeet